McDonald’s Commitment to Halal

McDonalds is committed to serving the highest quality of  Halal products to its customers with strict attention to every single detail in this objective. The company dedicates enormous effort, research, time and money to ensure that all products that are served in McDonalds s restaurants in the MEA are 100% Halal inspected and approved.


McDonald’s and Animal Welfare

As Halal incorporates measures of animal welfare; and goes beyond being merciful to the mere body of the animal to considering its soul, McDonald’s corresponds to those measures by the book, whereby:

  • Animals are taken to the slaughter house with kindness and full respect of God’s creation
  • Water is proposed to animals before slaughter
  • Animals do not see knives being sharpened
  • No organs or parts of the body are cut from live animals
  • Animal blood is never used in food or drink
  • Knives are kept sharp and sanitized at all times to ensure quick slaughtering and any unecessary torture


McDonald’s Adherence to Halal

Adhering to Halal procedures at all stages, McDonald’s applies strict measures at the level of the suppliers and slaughter houses, whereby:

  • Hand slaughtering is the only adopted method; Mechanical slaughtering is not allowed
  • All slaughtermen are Muslims, known by the Muslim community for their good
  • character, and work under the observation of a Muslim supervisor
  • The name of Allah is pronounced over each individual animal before slaughtering

All cows and poultry are fed on 100% vegetarian feed